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I’m losing track of the days with our schedules and not even knowing what day it is. Normally at this time of the year I’m prepping to get ready for a busy season, mommy and me sessions were supposed to be coming up and wedding season was about to begin for me.

The past few weeks for many people has been a whirlwind. We are looking for ways on keeping our minds occupied, trying to thrive in our businesses and if you have children, keeping them occupied throughout the day. 

From helping several of my spring couples reschedule their wedding days, I’ve been working behind the scenes to improve, further educate myself in business and opening my new website! 

One thing I have always wanted to do more is, BLOGGING. When growing up, I loved writing and I still do so I’m hoping this can help fill that gap since I haven’t in such a long time. I’ve wanted to get this started for quiet some time now but was waiting for my new website to be officially up and running! Well, its up and running so I don’t have any more excuses to back out of this.

So lets begin with something that I’m hoping can help some brides! One question I often get asked about when booking a wedding is an engagement session. Is it important? Do we need to have an engagement session or can I just add something else to my wedding collection and skip the engagement session?

Coming from a photographer and from being a bride once a upon a time myself, an engagement session is SO important! 

Why do I think this?  Keep on scrolling to get more info!

One. Getting to know your photographer. 

It is so important to meet the one who is going to spend majority of your wedding day with you BEFORE the actual day! You want to meet and get to know them and know the type of person they are. It could get awkward quickly when someone shows up to capture your entire wedding day with their camera and you’re not familiar with that person. Not feeling comfortable with your photographer can lead to feeling and looking awkward. 

An engagement session gets you to meeting your photographer and working with them! Allowing everyone to get comfortable with each other and seeing how to work well together. 

Two. Extra Details! 

Say there is a spot for decor and you just can’t figure out what to put there, but it needs something! Well, take your favorite engagement image and add into a nice frame and there you have something that can fill in that gap for decorations. Often, an engagement session is the only images couples have of them professionally, so these could easily be used for decorating your home along with your wedding portraits too! That way not every wall someone turns are they seeing just your wedding photos! (Although, it is totally okay to be obsessed with your wedding portraits when you do receive them and have them everywhere in your own home!) 

Three. The confidence. 

Having an engagement session can help make you and your significant other more confident in front of the camera during your portrait time on your wedding day. What I mean is, you’ll see how your photographer works and you’ll know the poses and easily be able to follow instead of questioning it if you feel unsure. So, instead of feeling awkward during your portrait time, you’ll fully know that it will look great as an end result. The trust will be there and you’ll feel 100% confident while the magic is happening! 

Four. Prepping up for the big day! 

The engagement session is basically a warm up into getting you prepared for your wedding day! The engagement session will be much more relaxing, undemanding and get you comfortable being in front of the camera. We’ll be able to work past the awkwardness, master the poses so you feel natural and comfortable while taking your time perspective.  During a wedding day, the day moves at an extremely quick pace, we are limited time and the pressure is real! 

Lastly, I hope this has helped anyone that was thinking of not taking advantage of an engagement session! If you’re not sure if it is necessary, it really is and will only be beneficial for you! Plus it could be fun! You can make a date night out of it. You’ll already be dressed up so afterwards go out for dinner and celebrate! Another task you can cross of your ‘to do’ list for your wedding.

These are some of the reasons to why I include a complimentary engagement session in my wedding collections. I love to meet my clients before their wedding day to get to know one another, for us to have fun and for us to be ready to go on your wedding day! 

So, if you would love to chat more about my wedding collections and having me as your photographer for your special day, send me an email and I would love to chat more! 



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