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As a portrait and wedding photographer, I love that I am able to capture such special memories for my clients. It’s such a rewarding feeling to be able to do this. I have learned after great losses in my own family, that one day our memories and photographs are all we may have left of someone. Which is why this is such a meaningful opportunity to me. 
Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to look over my site! If you’d like to learn a few more things about me, then scroll down and enjoy! 

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Growing up there was always a camera around in my family. During my time in high school, I became more involved in being behind the camera. I had a love for Theatre and if I wasn't a part of something for that, I remember doing ‘headshots’ for my theatre friends along with any type of scenery photos that I could get! Throughout 2012 after Corey and I had our first baby, I decided that I wanted to open my own business. 

more about me

Photographer, mom of four, wife, dreamer

I love singing loudly in the car, dancing around in the kitchen and finding the corniest jokes and laughing before I'm able to finish telling them.
These very things may turn into making my children think I'm embarrassing, but for now, they think I'm a fun mom. 
I can re-read the Harry Potter and Outlander series, along with watching the movies and the show of them, and never get sick of them. 
Our family loves our camping trips and look forward to them every year. I also love decorating and doing new things to our home! I'm sure my husband just loves when ever I have a new idea..


Meet Shaina

Corey. We met in 2010 and have been inseparable since. I met him during a difficult time in my life after losing close family members. Corey helped me through many of those dark moments and I thank and appreciate him so much for that. 
We have a wonderful life together and three beautiful babies. He is my second shooter for weddings and totally rocks it! He can of course drive me bonkers and I do just the same for him, but the life we have together has been a blessing and I'm thankful for all the moments we have. 

my husband.

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Our life.

Our beautiful babies, Jackson, Alikai and Evelyn, James. The big brother, Jackson, loves to play games and draw. The middle, Ali, loves to climb on things, dance and be our wild child. Evelyn, the loveable, sweet as can be and always giggling. James, the sweet baby, who thinks he is in charge lol!  Between the four of them there is a lot of chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They bring us so much joy and keep our days busy. We try to make as many memories as we can with them and enjoy every moment we have. They love being outdoors, camping, trying new things and being adventurous. 

our babies.

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Our life..

Photography is a hobby I have had since I was in High School. I officially opened my business at the end of 2012. It was the year we welcomed our first baby, Jackson! I was often trying to capture those first moments with him to always have them to look back on.
This is one of the reasons to why I opened my business and pursue this dream further. I love being able to capture such special moments for myself. That is what helped me decide that I wanted to move forward and help others capture their special moments so they would have them and cherish for many years. 

The business.

more about me


Our life.

a few last things about me..

I have an odd obsession with Harry Potter and the show called Outlander. I could sit there and read the books or watch the movies/show all day, any day! 


My favorite drink is a dunkin' donuts caramel
latte. I would drink one everyday. BUT I try to
limit my addiction. . 


I LOVE candles. Or anything that i can light or turn on
that gives out a wonderful scent. I'm sold. I probably
drive my husband crazy because we have so many candles
in the house.. 


We don't get to travel often, but I love when we do. 
My dream vacation has always been to go to Scotland! I'll get there eventually :) 


I have this weird obsession with making lists. From planning, daily tasks or anything else! I make a list
for it. When I get to cross something off the list, It's 
a good feeling! 

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