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Often I am asked how I document my family. The amount of photos I take and what I do with them afterwards. Do I get them printed? Do I keep them stored somewhere or saved?

With having three children of my own, I’m constantly trying to capture every moment I can with my babies. When they’ve learned something new, playing together, when they’re laughing hysterically at something and you’re laughing with them… Each moment is so special and I always love being able to capture it.

Of course, as much as I want too, I don’t always carry my camera with me. Running around with three children, carrying everything else, it’s hard to have my camera involved too. So often, I have to result in using my Iphone camera to take photos.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten great shots with my little ones with my camera! But never had I thought to print my iphone photos. Last year, my sister in law introduced me to Chatbooks!

I feel like I have been missing out on so much from this and some already know of this app so this is for the ones that don’t know about it!

Chatbooks is an app that you can download on your phone, you can create a custom photo book or you can sync it to your instagram account and after every 60 images you post it creates your book for you and ta-da! Its coming to you in the mail.

The first one I made I created a custom one to see how it went. A custom one can start at 30 pages/images and you can add what ever photos you want and rearrange them in anyway you would like.

For example, with the first book I created to try out, I started with when our third baby was born and went up to when she turned six months. I had one photo saved on my phone from I took when she was born, which is what I used for the cover. I was still able to use that image since I’m obsessed with it!

Our second book I created was our week long trip at DisneyWorld. I felt that our first big family vacation like that needed its own book! The kids have loved looking through it since it was our first trip to DisneyWorld.

I’m so glad that I learned about this option. As busy as our schedules get, we don’t always have the time to sit and create a scrapbook. So having this option and even taking the simple photos we have taken and putting them to use is wonderful. It makes us smile going through them and our children can pull them out at anytime to look through them.

So I hope you find this useful and you check it out if you haven’t before!

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve thought on and off about doing Chatbooks! So glad you found something that works well for your family!

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